EP28: Health & Fitness

We’re still on the subject of body clutter–all the junk that corrupts our minds about our bodies, and therefore corrupts the healthy flow of blood and nutrients throughout our bodies. This episode isn’t about the how-to of dieting and fitness routines, though…that discussion would never end. Besides, there’s always some new research coming out to trump the old; news about eat this and not that. It could make you crazy if you tried to follow along and do it all. So what should we be doing for our bodies? What should we be eating and not eating? Continue reading “EP28: Health & Fitness”

EP27: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A

Today we’re answering a question about expectations versus agreements. The question is: Do you feel like agreements put strain on a relationship like a pre-nup? If there are too many rules and contracts, do we lose the freedom of being in love? Continue reading “EP27: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A”

EP26: Body Clutter

Everywhere you look, you can see manifestations of body clutter. Even when you look at yourself. There is obesity, anorexia, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, self-mutilation, and so much more that is the result of body clutter. Is it safe to say there’s something about your inner functioning or outer appearance that you wish you could change?

Our bodies were meant to equip us to live our best life in this human form on this human plane. What are we doing to do our part to make that happen–to nurture our bodies to help our progress along? What blockages do we face in seeking to clear away body clutter? What keeps us eating artery-clogging foods, or sitting on the couch instead of getting out into the sunshine? Continue reading “EP26: Body Clutter”

EP25: Perception Is Reality

Perception is reality. Our world is what we make it out to be; what we tell ourselves it is. Just by thinking we see, hear, smell, taste, or touch a thing helps create this reality we live in. So our experience is our reality. And what creates the experience? Thought. That’s all. Just our thoughts, or perspective, about the experience itself. Our thoughts create our experience, and therefore our reality. So we’re only ever a thought away from a new reality…a new perspective. Continue reading “EP25: Perception Is Reality”

EP24: Mental Clutter

We’ve all heard them, the voices in our heads. The ones that won’t shut up and keep us riding this emotional roller coaster (and yelling “stop” doesn’t help). How do we calm that mental chatter and bring more peace and presence into our lives? There are many ways to bring that chaos under control. This episode goes into various techniques to clear away all that keeps you distracted, preoccupied, indecisive, inefficient, exhausted and overwhelmed so that you can start living fully again. Continue reading “EP24: Mental Clutter”

EP23: Power of Thought

We are walking zombies; every day engulfed in a full on trance, constantly thinking about what just happened that caused us pain or humiliation, what’s about to happen that could cause us pain or humiliation, and what has to happen next in order to prevent pain or humiliation. That’s our meter, we gauge everything according to whether it will humiliate us or cause us pain. And we’re fearful of whatever has the potential to. What is this trance we’re in? Continue reading “EP23: Power of Thought”

EP22: Affirmations

What is an affirmation? How do you create one? What’s an effective way to use affirmations to change your life? What is the origin of affirmations and how did this practice come to be? There’s so much to learn about affirmations and more so in the way that they can help change your life. Continue reading “EP22: Affirmations”

EP21: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A

Today we’re answering a question about meditation. The question is: I struggle with sitting still, I’m a runner and I like to keep a busy schedule—makes me feel productive. How can I settle down and sit still in order to meditate? Continue reading “EP21: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A”

EP20: Failure Is…

We can’t talk about success without addressing failure. What is failure? What’s keeping you stuck in failure? Why is it that everything is a struggle? If you believe you’re a failure, you’re a failure. We set ourselves up for either course, success or failure, just by the way we think. Like success, failure is just a mindset. Continue reading “EP20: Failure Is…”

EP19: Success Is…

What is success? We all want to be successful, but what does that mean? How do you define success for yourself? What is the indicating factor that you’ve finally arrived? Is your definition something you came up with or a definition you read somewhere? Are you comparing your level of success with what others have? We get down on ourselves because our position in life doesn’t measure up to the Joneses. So how can you begin to define success and be satisfied with where you are and what you’ve accomplished thus far in life? Continue reading “EP19: Success Is…”