EP30: Detached Attachment

When it comes to love, there is no attachment. Love doesn’t mean to hold someone in your care, under your responsibility, as your possession. Might sound cold-hearted, but when you don’t “care” about what happens to your loved one, that’s love. When your ability to enjoy and hold compassion for this person doesn’t wane with worry and isn’t contingent on good behavior, you’re free to love. We innocently form attachments with those we love because as long as they’re there, we’ll be ok…we’ll be happy…we’ll be fine. But what about detaching yourself from that attachment, and being ok, happy, fine now. Regardless of what happens, you can be happy now. And it starts with detached attachment.

Episode 30: Detached Attachment

In what ways are you trying to control other people’s behaviors in order to be happy? Tell me, can you just choose to be happy now?

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