EP48: The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, for me, was a life-changer. When I first discovered it for myself firsthand in 2006, I went in blind but open. Eager for the experience, actually. And I had always heard that you are what you think about. But at that point in my life, I didn’t find it easy to shift my thoughts in order to stay empowered and happy. I didn’t know how to use my thoughts to serve me and my desires.

But this one day, this first day on my yoga mat, changed all that forever. Continue reading “EP48: The Benefits of Yoga”

EP47: Mind Mapping

Omari Broussard, mentor and coach, joins me today to discuss how to mind map and the benefits of mind mapping. All the nuances of mind mapping contribute to the overall goal of decluttering your mind–clearing out the cobwebs and allowing your brilliance to peek through during a brainstorming session. Free-flow brainstorming using a mind map is a great way to free your mind to come up with endless ideas as they’re born without being bogged down by too much linear structure. Listen as we explore tips from Tony Buzan, father of modern mind mapping. Continue reading “EP47: Mind Mapping”

EP46: Fear Of Rejection

What is it with fear of rejection? The sweaty palms, the butterflies, the paralyzing sensation. What is at the root of that fear and how can we begin to empower ourselves in face of that fear? This fear affects our behavior. So everything we do in life is an effort to avoid pain, humiliation, and annihilation. Listen to this episode to learn the truth about the fear of rejection and how to change beliefs from limiting to empowering.  Continue reading “EP46: Fear Of Rejection”

EP45: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A

We dive into how to learn anything with today’s question. The power of our mind is at the root of our being able to learn and accomplish anything. So, how do we tap into that inherent power to learn and achieve anything we want? It’s a lot easier than you think. But before we answer today’s question, we have to disspell a few myths like, “It takes talent to achieve anything.” Continue reading “EP45: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A”

EP44: Inner Peace

What is inner peace? What keeps us from inner peace? How can we achieve inner peace? This week’s episode goes into these questions and reveals the simplicity and ease of falling back into peace whenever you want. As easily as making the decision to have peace. Continue reading “EP44: Inner Peace”

EP43: Self-Actualization & Self-Discovery

Self-actualization and self-discovery–which are commonly referred to as personal development, self-help, and self-improvement–all titles that have the “quest for perfection” in common.

According to psychologist, Alexander Maslow, a man’s life is based on his search for fulfillment and realizing his full potential. Maslow’s philosophy speaks of these ambitions across man’s lifetime.

And Maslow’s notable Hierarchy of Needs still holds a place in our school system bc it makes quite the point. Capturing succinctly our chase for satisfaction, happiness, hope…first outside of ourselves, and then coming into realizing that our self-fulfillment lied within our grasp all along–right inside ourselves. That nothing outside of ourselves could ever make us happy, victorious or sad or miserable or…perfect. Continue reading “EP43: Self-Actualization & Self-Discovery”

EP42: Our True Nature

What is your authentic self? At your core, the only emotion is peace, abundance, freedom, love, and joy. That’s your true nature. In this body, you are peace, love and joy incarnate and you have access to all of those feelings at any time you choose. It may take some working toward it, but know it’s possible.

Know you can return to your true nature anytime you want.  Continue reading “EP42: Our True Nature”

EP41: Clarity

What is clarity? What are the benefits of clarity? How can you get clarity? Today we discuss these questions and get to the heart of clarity–why does everyone want it?! And what does meditation have to do with it? Continue reading “EP41: Clarity”

EP40: A New Year

2014 is just a few days new and ready and open to become whatever you want to make of it. Isn’t this an exciting place to be? To be facing a new chance, a new opportunity, a new year to make what you want happen? How can we make this our best year yet? What’s required of us in order to effect a year of our dreams? Continue reading “EP40: A New Year”

EP39: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A

Today’s question comes from Helen and she wants to know how she can manifest a better body without the disappointment of yo-yo dieting? How many of us have the same question–especially as we write our resolutions for 2014? There is an essential area that you want to become clear on when attempting to lose weight that most people don’t realize. The reason for the frustration and disappointment is because you’re cluttered with confusion and insecurity that keeps you unsure about what you really want. Looking at losing an arbitrary number of pounds doesn’t help anyone. Listen to learn how you can finally have the body you want by making one small change to your mindset. Continue reading “EP39: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A”