EP38: Fear

What is fear and how does it show up in our lives? Is it always that debiliating, paralyzing thing that keeps us from moving forward? Yes, it is! Fear is there, will continue to be there, but it doesn’t have to control us. How can you regain your power over it? By becoming present and aware of fear when it shows up. Continue reading “EP38: Fear”

EP37: Gratitude

Gratitude is that glow you have when you come from a place of love and appreciation. The role of gratitude in making life enjoyable, liveable, and the best it can be is so important. And it’s actually an easy thing to do, be and have–gratitude! Continue reading “EP37: Gratitude”

EP36: Decluttering For The Holidays

Don’t you just love the holidays? The holidays are not always eggnog, candy canes and movie scenes, are they? We have a laundry list of to-dos to get the house ready for guests, a long list of secret santa gifts to buy, errands to run, people to entertain, work to do. It can make your head spin! Continue reading “EP36: Decluttering For The Holidays”

EP35: Productivity

Productivity is a major aspect of manifestation. When you get down to it, manifesting your dreams takes intention and action. But how do you drill down to the most precise action steps to get to your goals, doing what you know how to do and doing it effectively and in a timely manner? You do it by being productive. Productivity is how we get things done. It’s how we stay on task and not stray with everything that wants to derail us or steal our focus. Continue reading “EP35: Productivity”

EP34: Career Clutter

Career clutter is that fear that holds us back, keeping us from moving forward on that project, that new business pitch, public speaking, or asking for that promotion. It keeps us stuck in our insecurity, to the point that we stay put, right where it feels “safe.” Ah, but that’s a false sense of security. Continue reading “EP34: Career Clutter”

EP33: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A

Today’s question is about body clutter: where does dieting fit in? Let’s take a deep look at dieting; what it is and why we do it. Why do we diet in the first place? Is it some obsession to look and be different than what we are–trying all the means that have worked for other people? And when that diet fails, what happens then? We feel like failures. Why don’t diets work even when we follow the ‘rules’? Continue reading “EP33: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A”

EP32: Commitment (Part 2)

We explore the deeper side of commitment and how we can hang on to it as long as we remember it’s all our decision. We’re one decision away from committing…or ending a commitment. Why do we commit in the first place? And how can we benefit most from commitment? One idea is to use commitment as your opportunity to gauge your daily walk in love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness. It can also be your gauge as to whether you falling into victim mindset, expecting the other person to make you happy. Continue reading “EP32: Commitment (Part 2)”

EP31: Commitment (Part 1)

When there’s no reason to attach to people or things, what would be the reason to commit? What’s behind our inclination to commit to anything or anyone? The dictionary defines commitment as, “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.; or an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.” So with that, what are some commitments we get involved in? There’s romantic commitment, attachment commitment, relationship commitment, professional commitment, monetary commitments…

Commitment means different things to different people–but the motive behind it remains universal. Continue reading “EP31: Commitment (Part 1)”

EP30: Detached Attachment

When it comes to love, there is no attachment. Love doesn’t mean to hold someone in your care, under your responsibility, as your possession. Might sound cold-hearted, but when you don’t “care” about what happens to your loved one, that’s love. When your ability to enjoy and hold compassion for this person doesn’t wane with worry and isn’t contingent on good behavior, you’re free to love. We innocently form attachments with those we love because as long as they’re there, we’ll be ok…we’ll be happy…we’ll be fine. But what about detaching yourself from that attachment, and being ok, happy, fine now. Regardless of what happens, you can be happy now. And it starts with detached attachment. Continue reading “EP30: Detached Attachment”

EP29: Heart Clutter

Heart clutter, nothing but thoughts, memories and stories that keep us stuck in pain. Keep our hearts in protective custody behind barbed wire and brick walls. Who can break those down? No one. Only you can clear that clutter away. Clearing away your heart clutter can mean drastic improvement in all of your relationships. How much love you feel, how you get along, how close you feel. So how do we clear it away? Continue reading “EP29: Heart Clutter”