EP48: The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, for me, was a life-changer. When I first discovered it for myself firsthand in 2006, I went in blind but open. Eager for the experience, actually. And I had always heard that you are what you think about. But at that point in my life, I didn’t find it easy to shift my thoughts in order to stay empowered and happy. I didn’t know how to use my thoughts to serve me and my desires.

But this one day, this first day on my yoga mat, changed all that forever. Continue reading “EP48: The Benefits of Yoga”

EP43: Self-Actualization & Self-Discovery

Self-actualization and self-discovery–which are commonly referred to as personal development, self-help, and self-improvement–all titles that have the “quest for perfection” in common.

According to psychologist, Alexander Maslow, a man’s life is based on his search for fulfillment and realizing his full potential. Maslow’s philosophy speaks of these ambitions across man’s lifetime.

And Maslow’s notable Hierarchy of Needs still holds a place in our school system bc it makes quite the point. Capturing succinctly our chase for satisfaction, happiness, hope…first outside of ourselves, and then coming into realizing that our self-fulfillment lied within our grasp all along–right inside ourselves. That nothing outside of ourselves could ever make us happy, victorious or sad or miserable or…perfect. Continue reading “EP43: Self-Actualization & Self-Discovery”

EP42: Our True Nature

What is your authentic self? At your core, the only emotion is peace, abundance, freedom, love, and joy. That’s your true nature. In this body, you are peace, love and joy incarnate and you have access to all of those feelings at any time you choose. It may take some working toward it, but know it’s possible.

Know you can return to your true nature anytime you want.  Continue reading “EP42: Our True Nature”

EP37: Gratitude

Gratitude is that glow you have when you come from a place of love and appreciation. The role of gratitude in making life enjoyable, liveable, and the best it can be is so important. And it’s actually an easy thing to do, be and have–gratitude! Continue reading “EP37: Gratitude”

EP22: Affirmations

What is an affirmation? How do you create one? What’s an effective way to use affirmations to change your life? What is the origin of affirmations and how did this practice come to be? There’s so much to learn about affirmations and more so in the way that they can help change your life. Continue reading “EP22: Affirmations”

EP18: Regret & Acceptance

What is regret? What is acceptance? They are our gauge for how we’re experiencing each moment. Our quality of experience is contingent on which of these we exercise at any moment. Continue reading “EP18: Regret & Acceptance”

EP17: Judgment

How would it feel to make peace with the past, forgive who you were way back when and allow your growth to unfold as it may? That would require you to stop judging the past! Would that feel nice, not to be judged anymore? Well, as much as you make others the defendant on your “court of justice,” you do the same to yourself when you condemn yourself for the past. Your suffering is in direct proportion to the extent to which you judge others and yourself. Continue reading “EP17: Judgment”

EP15: Expectations vs Agreements

Relationships don’t have to be hard. The effort you continue to put into your relationships might be going into the most inefficient places. You might be sabotaging your relationships because you just don’t know better. For instance, are you making demands or requests of others in your relationships? Are you requiring certain things from others that you’re not doing yourself? How are you disregarding the opinions and beliefs of the other person in the relationship? If you’re placing expectations onto another person, you’re purposely looking for reasons to sabotage the relationship. The only thing you can expect from expectations is disappointment, letdown, bitterness and resentment. Continue reading “EP15: Expectations vs Agreements”

The Truth About Forgiveness: Set Yourself Free

It’s any wonder why someone would choose darkness when light is just a decision away. A decision to incorporate new thoughts of wellness and peace into one’s mindset, thereby overriding thoughts of disease and hate. A decision to view another person as capable of making mistakes and in need of as much mercy as you or I. In other words, decisions to move out from under the shadows and into the sun.

It’s any wonder, too, that someone would choose punishment over forgiveness. Continue reading “The Truth About Forgiveness: Set Yourself Free”

EP14: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is to stop feeling resentment toward someone for not meeting your expectations. I like to say it’s to let someone off the hook for the way we feel–since what we feel is only a result of our interpretation of what we think happened. We all make mistakes; we do the best we can with who we are and what we know at this time. True forgiveness is present when compassion isn’t clouded by resentment. There’s personal power in forgiveness because when you forgive someone you demonstrate grace and love. This episode lets you in on a little secret about forgiveness and why it holds the key to freedom for your heart. Continue reading “EP14: Forgiveness”