EP43: Self-Actualization & Self-Discovery

Self-actualization and self-discovery–which are commonly referred to as personal development, self-help, and self-improvement–all titles that have the “quest for perfection” in common.

According to psychologist, Alexander Maslow, a man’s life is based on his search for fulfillment and realizing his full potential. Maslow’s philosophy speaks of these ambitions across man’s lifetime.

And Maslow’s notable Hierarchy of Needs still holds a place in our school system bc it makes quite the point. Capturing succinctly our chase for satisfaction, happiness, hope…first outside of ourselves, and then coming into realizing that our self-fulfillment lied within our grasp all along–right inside ourselves. That nothing outside of ourselves could ever make us happy, victorious or sad or miserable or…perfect.

Yet, we are a world obsessed with improving, developing, getting better, advancing, self-actualizing, by chasing the next shiny object and magic pill. We seek to evolve; it’s part of this game of life.

But it’s made us fanatical about finding out what’s wrong with us, what we have to fix about us now, what person we’re not pleasing today, what we’re not doing right, why we can’t find happiness, and on and on.

Episode 43: Self-Actualization & Self-Discovery

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