EP44: Inner Peace

What is inner peace? What keeps us from inner peace? How can we achieve inner peace? This week’s episode goes into these questions and reveals the simplicity and ease of falling back into peace whenever you want. As easily as making the decision to have peace. It’s not about achieving peace as it is remembering that peace is always within your grasp, and only a thought away.

Peace is our inherent nature; and if we allow ourselves to fall in alignment with our perfect nature, we’ll reclaim that inner peace that’s always been ours. Inner peace is your natural state of being and your proximity to it–be it near or far–only takes place in your head.

So, what’s the secret to living with inner peace? The answer will surprise you. Listen to find out.

Episode 44: Inner Peace

In the comments below, let me know what peaceful moments you’ve had lately and what were you doing when you had them?

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