EP39: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A

Today’s question comes from Helen and she wants to know how she can manifest a better body without the disappointment of yo-yo dieting? How many of us have the same question–especially as we write our resolutions for 2014? There is an essential area that you want to become clear on when attempting to lose weight that most people don’t realize. The reason for the frustration and disappointment is because you’re cluttered with confusion and insecurity that keeps you unsure about what you really want. Looking at losing an arbitrary number of pounds doesn’t help anyone. Listen to learn how you can finally have the body you want by making one small change to your mindset. Continue reading “EP39: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A”

EP33: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A

Today’s question is about body clutter: where does dieting fit in? Let’s take a deep look at dieting; what it is and why we do it. Why do we diet in the first place? Is it some obsession to look and be different than what we are–trying all the means that have worked for other people? And when that diet fails, what happens then? We feel like failures. Why don’t diets work even when we follow the ‘rules’? Continue reading “EP33: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A”