EP32: Commitment (Part 2)

We explore the deeper side of commitment and how we can hang on to it as long as we remember it’s all our decision. We’re one decision away from committing…or ending a commitment. Why do we commit in the first place? And how can we benefit most from commitment? One idea is to use commitment as your opportunity to gauge your daily walk in love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness. It can also be your gauge as to whether you falling into victim mindset, expecting the other person to make you happy. Continue reading “EP32: Commitment (Part 2)”

EP31: Commitment (Part 1)

When there’s no reason to attach to people or things, what would be the reason to commit? What’s behind our inclination to commit to anything or anyone? The dictionary defines commitment as, “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.; or an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.” So with that, what are some commitments we get involved in? There’s romantic commitment, attachment commitment, relationship commitment, professional commitment, monetary commitments…

Commitment means different things to different people–but the motive behind it remains universal. Continue reading “EP31: Commitment (Part 1)”

EP26: Body Clutter

Everywhere you look, you can see manifestations of body clutter. Even when you look at yourself. There is obesity, anorexia, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, self-mutilation, and so much more that is the result of body clutter. Is it safe to say there’s something about your inner functioning or outer appearance that you wish you could change?

Our bodies were meant to equip us to live our best life in this human form on this human plane. What are we doing to do our part to make that happen–to nurture our bodies to help our progress along? What blockages do we face in seeking to clear away body clutter? What keeps us eating artery-clogging foods, or sitting on the couch instead of getting out into the sunshine? Continue reading “EP26: Body Clutter”

EP25: Perception Is Reality

Perception is reality. Our world is what we make it out to be; what we tell ourselves it is. Just by thinking we see, hear, smell, taste, or touch a thing helps create this reality we live in. So our experience is our reality. And what creates the experience? Thought. That’s all. Just our thoughts, or perspective, about the experience itself. Our thoughts create our experience, and therefore our reality. So we’re only ever a thought away from a new reality…a new perspective. Continue reading “EP25: Perception Is Reality”

EP16: Sex, Dating & Relationships

Sex, Dating and Relationships Expert and certified life coach, Natalie Vartanian, joins me to discuss how to keep your sex and dating lives healthy. She answers the questions: how do you heal from negative relationship baggage, how do you make commitment work, how do you get over your inhibitions in the bedroom, how do you keep intimacy spicy, is there repair after a cheating lover, and so much more. If you’re dating or in a committed relationship, this episode is for you!

Episode 16: Sex, Dating and Relationships

To learn more about Natalie, check out her website and sign up for the Rad Love Retreat where she’ll be the keynote speaker. Also, be sure to sign up for the free i heart life newsletter so you get the latest and greatest on more sex, dating and relationship insight. Subscribing, too, to this podcast on iTunes ensures you never miss an episode when you’re out and about.


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EP15: Expectations vs Agreements

Relationships don’t have to be hard. The effort you continue to put into your relationships might be going into the most inefficient places. You might be sabotaging your relationships because you just don’t know better. For instance, are you making demands or requests of others in your relationships? Are you requiring certain things from others that you’re not doing yourself? How are you disregarding the opinions and beliefs of the other person in the relationship? If you’re placing expectations onto another person, you’re purposely looking for reasons to sabotage the relationship. The only thing you can expect from expectations is disappointment, letdown, bitterness and resentment. Continue reading “EP15: Expectations vs Agreements”

EP13: Healing Wounds

Happy Father’s Day! Just like our fathers kissed and bandaged our boo-boos and kept us safe from the boogeyman, as we age and become more aware, it’s up to us to heal our own wounds. Continue reading “EP13: Healing Wounds”

EP8: Unconditional Love & Relationships

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s look at unconditional love. What is unconditional love and how can we express this in all of our relationships? Is it even possible to? This is what we explore in today’s episode. Continue reading “EP8: Unconditional Love & Relationships”