EP43: Self-Actualization & Self-Discovery

Self-actualization and self-discovery–which are commonly referred to as personal development, self-help, and self-improvement–all titles that have the “quest for perfection” in common.

According to psychologist, Alexander Maslow, a man’s life is based on his search for fulfillment and realizing his full potential. Maslow’s philosophy speaks of these ambitions across man’s lifetime.

And Maslow’s notable Hierarchy of Needs still holds a place in our school system bc it makes quite the point. Capturing succinctly our chase for satisfaction, happiness, hope…first outside of ourselves, and then coming into realizing that our self-fulfillment lied within our grasp all along–right inside ourselves. That nothing outside of ourselves could ever make us happy, victorious or sad or miserable or…perfect. Continue reading “EP43: Self-Actualization & Self-Discovery”