EP27: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A

Today we’re answering a question about expectations versus agreements. The question is: Do you feel like agreements put strain on a relationship like a pre-nup? If there are too many rules and contracts, do we lose the freedom of being in love? Continue reading “EP27: ‘Conversation About Life’ Q&A”

EP25: Perception Is Reality

Perception is reality. Our world is what we make it out to be; what we tell ourselves it is. Just by thinking we see, hear, smell, taste, or touch a thing helps create this reality we live in. So our experience is our reality. And what creates the experience? Thought. That’s all. Just our thoughts, or perspective, about the experience itself. Our thoughts create our experience, and therefore our reality. So we’re only ever a thought away from a new reality…a new perspective. Continue reading “EP25: Perception Is Reality”