EP11: Eating For Nutrition

What is eating for nutrition? To piggyback on last week’s episode, we’re still talking about food! This time we’re talking about eating for nutrition with Camille Macres, chef and founder of Recipe RX. She recommends we eat according to our own body type and dietary needs–we’re all different so we have to consider our own bodies in our food intake–not our neighbor’s. Notice if you have allergies to certain foods, or your body reacts negatively to something you eat, and so on. Camille’s got some great eating for nutrition tips and insight into this whole confusing world of food. It’s a longer episode this time, but it’s worth it.

Episode 11: Eating For Nutrition

To learn more about your own dietary needs, take the Food Intolerance quiz here, and visit Camille’s website, Recipe RX, for recipes, resources and additional guidance.

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