EP26: Body Clutter

Everywhere you look, you can see manifestations of body clutter. Even when you look at yourself. There is obesity, anorexia, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, self-mutilation, and so much more that is the result of body clutter. Is it safe to say there’s something about your inner functioning or outer appearance that you wish you could change?

Our bodies were meant to equip us to live our best life in this human form on this human plane. What are we doing to do our part to make that happen–to nurture our bodies to help our progress along? What blockages do we face in seeking to clear away body clutter? What keeps us eating artery-clogging foods, or sitting on the couch instead of getting out into the sunshine? In this episode, we talk about what body clutter is and what’s behind it.

Episode 26: Body Clutter

In the comment section below, let us know what clutter you are seeking to clear away in your body. Have you gotten any support to bolster your efforts (not that you need it)?

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