EP28: Health & Fitness

We’re still on the subject of body clutter–all the junk that corrupts our minds about our bodies, and therefore corrupts the healthy flow of blood and nutrients throughout our bodies. This episode isn’t about the how-to of dieting and fitness routines, though…that discussion would never end. Besides, there’s always some new research coming out to trump the old; news about eat this and not that. It could make you crazy if you tried to follow along and do it all. So what should we be doing for our bodies? What should we be eating and not eating? We’ll go into how to eat right for your body and how to start living effortlessly with more health and fitness. It’s up to you and what you decide to do from this day forward. That’s all. No trickery, gimmicks, or diet fads to speak of. This is about your conscious decision to start living in flow of health and fitness. Simple as that.

Episode 28: Health & Fitness

Leave a comment below, let us know what adjustments to your diet have come naturally just because you listened to what your body was saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to.

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