EP9: Declutter Your Life

It’s time to get serious about decluttering your life. But to declutter means so much more than cleaning your desk off, or donating clothes to Goodwill. So much more is involved. It’s actually a job for your mind. Once you get your mind committed to the change of living a clutter-free lifestyle, all else–the physical result of clearer space–follows slowly but surely. Then conscious decluttering can truly begin. Living a decluttered lifestyle feels so good! Its benefits and rewards include decreased stress, increased energy, reduced depressed states, better eating habits, improved outlook on life, and, don’t forget, a clean home. This episode offers some practical tips to declutter so you can get started right away!

Episode 9: Declutter Your Life

If you want more information on decluttering your life, visit lifefreeandclear.com. There you can take a free quiz to get an idea of how cluttered your mind might be and how it’s keeping you from peace. There’s also a course that you can register for that will take you through decluttering your mind, body, heart, home, finances,  goals, career objectives–it’s all in there.

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