EP4: Goal Setting

Dr Steve Taubman, author of UnHypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over, and Create the Life You’re Meant to Live joins me today to reveal his COUGAR goal setting method. Delve deep inside yourself to find out what really matters to you, not what someone told you to care about. Once you’ve connected to what’s important to you, you see the goals that reflect you at your core, at your essence. How do you prevent burnout, discouragement and hopelessness along the way?

Episode 4: Goal Setting

Dr Steve Taubman has a special offer for you. Get more information on his book and his goal setting method here.

Visit his website to take his specialized Mindfulness Assessment and get a discount on his book, UnHypnosis. Really take charge on this goal setting method, recognize how you might be self-sabotaging your efforts and learn how to eliminate procrastination with Dr Steve Taubman (click here and subscribers of ‘i heart life’ get a discount with code: Mindful1).

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