EP42: Our True Nature

What is your authentic self? At your core, the only emotion is peace, abundance, freedom, love, and joy. That’s your true nature. In this body, you are peace, love and joy incarnate and you have access to all of those feelings at any time you choose. It may take some working toward it, but know it’s possible.

Know you can return to your true nature anytime you want. 

When you’re acting from your true nature, peace, love and joy abound. What you put out, you get back in return…in ways you can’t even imagine. It may be hard at first to smile in the face of pain, but the more you do, the less effort it takes, and the more natural it begins to feel.

What does peace feel like for you? joy? love? And how can you return there more often? Listen to this episode to find out.

Episode 42: Our True Nature

In the comments below, tell me how it feels to act from a place of truth and authenticity?

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