EP23: Power of Thought

We are walking zombies; every day engulfed in a full on trance, constantly thinking about what just happened that caused us pain or humiliation, what’s about to happen that could cause us pain or humiliation, and what has to happen next in order to prevent pain or humiliation. That’s our meter, we gauge everything according to whether it will humiliate us or cause us pain. And we’re fearful of whatever has the potential to. What is this trance we’re in? It’s thought. We’re entranced in our own thoughts, unaware of how thoughts are controlling our lives and dictating our every move. This episode exposes you to that power and introduces a new series about decluttering your life–starting with clearing your mental clutter. Tune in for the key to clearing clutter!

Episode 23: Power of Thought

Leave a comment below letting me know what thoughts you hear inside your head. How does it affect your mood?

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