EP15: Expectations vs Agreements

Relationships don’t have to be hard. The effort you continue to put into your relationships might be going into the most inefficient places. You might be sabotaging your relationships because you just don’t know better. For instance, are you making demands or requests of others in your relationships? Are you requiring certain things from others that you’re not doing yourself? How are you disregarding the opinions and beliefs of the other person in the relationship? If you’re placing expectations onto another person, you’re purposely looking for reasons to sabotage the relationship. The only thing you can expect from expectations is disappointment, letdown, bitterness and resentment. So how can you start approaching those you love with no expectations, and with agreements instead? What do you stand to gain when you let go of expectations and let in mutual consideration?

Episode 15: Expectations vs Agreements

Please leave a comment below about where you’re holding onto expectations in your relationships and how you can turn them into agreements. And let us know how the chat with your loved one goes. If you like this episode, Like us on Facebook and share it with your friends!


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