EP36: Decluttering For The Holidays

Don’t you just love the holidays? The holidays are not always eggnog, candy canes and movie scenes, are they? We have a laundry list of to-dos to get the house ready for guests, a long list of secret santa gifts to buy, errands to run, people to entertain, work to do. It can make your head spin! Continue reading “EP36: Decluttering For The Holidays”

EP34: Career Clutter

Career clutter is that fear that holds us back, keeping us from moving forward on that project, that new business pitch, public speaking, or asking for that promotion. It keeps us stuck in our insecurity, to the point that we stay put, right where it feels “safe.” Ah, but that’s a false sense of security. Continue reading “EP34: Career Clutter”

EP29: Heart Clutter

Heart clutter, nothing but thoughts, memories and stories that keep us stuck in pain. Keep our hearts in protective custody behind barbed wire and brick walls. Who can break those down? No one. Only you can clear that clutter away. Clearing away your heart clutter can mean drastic improvement in all of your relationships. How much love you feel, how you get along, how close you feel. So how do we clear it away? Continue reading “EP29: Heart Clutter”

EP24: Mental Clutter

We’ve all heard them, the voices in our heads. The ones that won’t shut up and keep us riding this emotional roller coaster (and yelling “stop” doesn’t help). How do we calm that mental chatter and bring more peace and presence into our lives? There are many ways to bring that chaos under control. This episode goes into various techniques to clear away all that keeps you distracted, preoccupied, indecisive, inefficient, exhausted and overwhelmed so that you can start living fully again. Continue reading “EP24: Mental Clutter”